About the Inventor

RolandMy name is Roland, and I’m an engineer with a passion for driving.

I grew up in Cambridge, Massachusetts and studied at the local schools, always looking to build something new. Whether it was a ping pong machine, arcade game, or some contraption for a robotics competition, I loved holding in my hands something that was once only an idea.

As I grew older, my passions developed. From LEGOs to Arduino to 3D printing and custom PCBs, the mediums I used have changed, but my desire to create always remained unwavering.

Yet, there is a key difference in that desire: I used to build everything for me, making only what I wanted as my creations only affected me. Now, I know the great impact even one person’s work can have in society.

While at Stanford, I strived to immerse myself in an environment of creativity and diversity. I have many interests outside of my work, such as photography, tennis, and dance, and I wanted to ensure my education was as well-rounded and as open-minded as possible.

Even so, whenever there was time, I would drive off campus to find a new corner of California I had never heard of before. Many of my favorite places I found without a map, only by venturing down an inviting road.

I was always looking for problems to solve, things to improve. When I saw how ineffective our current brake lights were and that there was a tremendous opportunity to change that, I found a project I was truly passionate about. Not only could I build a mechatronic product that I, myself, could benefit from on the road, but I could help enable others to have a safety that they would not otherwise have.

My dream is to continue this type of work—to identify life-changing problems and help create life-changing solutions.

About the Inventor

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