Distracted Driving No Match For Braking Bar


As April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month, countless ad campaigns and police departments are striving to inform the public of this epidemic. Yet, while their goal is to keep you safe, they only aim to do so by incentivizing the drivers around you to put their phones down. A new technology focuses on a different solution: making other drivers pay attention when they still don’t put down their phones.

That technology is Braking Bar, a product of FrontLane LLC and Stanford graduate Roland Hence.

Braking Bar is an Adaptive Brake Light, a recent innovation in brake lighting that gets distracted drivers’ attentions faster under urgent braking—when it matters most. Normally when you brake, your brake lights illuminate normally, but in cases where you brake forcefully, Braking Bar adapts by either illuminating very brightly or flashing. Extensive studies show that this technology causes following vehicles to stop up to 19 ft shorter, and thus reduces collision-speeds by up to 22 mph.

While Adaptive Brake Lights are standard in many new cars, aftermarket installations are invasive and cost upwards of $500. By utilizing a built-in accelerometer, an adhesive, and a battery pack, Braking Bar has no wires and can be installed by any driver in minutes.

“What’s particularly unique about this technology is its approach to safety.” Roland goes on, “Very often, as seen with government programs, police-issued citations, and nearly every new crash-avoidance feature, our strategies to keep us safe are centered around keeping us focused. Yet, to have a truly holistic approach to safety, we must also seek solutions that keep us safe when we are not the ones who got distracted.”

Braking Bar is an attention-getting, practical upgrade to nearly any vehicle and thus has the potential to benefit millions of drivers and families.

Distracted Driving No Match For Braking Bar

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