Stop Fast. React Faster.
Keep yourself and loved ones safe.

Hard Braking Causes a Crash every 3 minutes.

When you need to stop quickly, the driver behind you reacts slowly. Let’s get their attention.

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1. Stick On

Just stick it to your rear window. No wires. No charging.

2. Brake Hard

The motion sensor activates the ultra-bright, pulsating LEDs.

3. Protect

These specialized lights make drivers react up to 50% faster. You have to see it for yourself.

For Active Families
“Health is everything to us. Impulse keeps us safe and ready for our next adventure.”

Drivers React up to 50% Faster

This is a true breakthrough in safety technology.

Safety First. Always.
Whether they’re learning to walk or drive, keep a loved one safe at each of life’s milestones.


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Activates on Hard Braking

Ultra-Bright, Pulsating Lights

Fits Most Vehicles

4-Year Battery Life

Legal Everywhere

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Normal brake lights were only made for normal braking. Impulse activates when you need to stop quickly.

For Loved Ones
Get Impulse to keep your passengers safe, no matter who’s buckling-up for the ride.

“A stick-on brake light that could save your life!”

– BizWire TV

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Impulse definitely adds on the feeling of security, especially driving around with a little baby in the city in the hectic morning commute. Super easy to install and sleek design, and no wires! Really worth the money!

Su L.
Impulse Owner


It seems like drivers these days are focusing on everything BUT the road ahead of them. With Impulse, I feel much safer… and it was so easy to put on!

Dan C.
Daily Commuter


With everyone texting and using their phones while driving, I want to make sure everyone can see me. Impulse is an easy solution to a big problem.

Roland C.
Livery Driver

Now $129

Your brake lights haven’t been updated in over 40 years. Isn’t it time for an upgrade?

Warning: There is no substitute for safe driving. Impulse is a supplemental brake light and not a replacement for required brake lights. There is no safety product that can prevent every rear-end collision. Referenced facts refer to findings from professional studies on Impulse’s underlying technology. See the footnotes for the complete studies.