Emergency Brake Light

Crashes are devastating. Braking Bar protects you and your loved ones by making following drivers react up to 50% faster
when you need it most.

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Alerts Drivers

Adds Safety

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Emergency braking causes over 100,000 crashes each year, for one simple reason — the driver behind you reacts slowly to hard braking.

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How It Works

Braking Bar has a simple installation, is 3x as visible as your ordinary brake lights, and makes drivers react up to 50% faster…especially when they’re distracted.

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1. Install

Braking Bar’s stick-on installation is secure, and a built-in motion sensor makes it wire-free.

2. Drive

When you brake urgently, the motion sensor activates the ultra-bright, pulsating LEDs.

3. Protect

These attention-grabbing lights are more than 3 times as visible as normal brake lights, so they make drivers see your car sooner and react up to 50% faster.

Increase Safety

Rear-end crashes of just 5 mph cause whiplash – a serious neck and spinal injury with long-term consequences. Crashes are expensive, cause permanent damage, and have become a major source of anxiety. By making other drivers react faster, Braking Bar keeps you and your loved ones safe.


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4-Year Battery Life

Unlike most electronics which require charging, Braking Bar checks braking force over 100 times per second yet still uses an ultra-low-power architecture.

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Widely Compatible

Braking Bar is designed to work with all passenger vehicles with a fixed or hinged back window.

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Legal Everywhere

Braking Bar has multiple operating modes built-in, adjustable at the flip of a switch, so it’s legal throughout the U.S. and worldwide.

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It seems like drivers these days are focusing on everything BUT the road ahead of them. With Braking Bar, I feel much safer… and it was so easy to put on!

Dan C.
Daily Commuter

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Warning: There is no substitute for safe driving. Braking Bar is a supplemental brake light and not a replacement for required brake lights. There is no safety product that can prevent every rear-end collision. Referenced facts refer to findings from professional studies on Braking Bar’s underlying technology. See the footnotes for the complete studies.