The Battery

To truly be a product for every driver, Impulse had to require truly minimal maintenance. As a result, the non-rechargeable battery is extremely high quality and lasts for years.

Ultra-Low Power

Impulse’s long life span is largely due to its ultra-low power architecture and premium battery. By using quality components, Braking Bar has been able to use minimal battery power while still checking braking force over 100 times per second.

4 Years

Impulse’s non-rechargeable battery is projected to last 4 years for the average driver. This duration is based on lab data and can vary widely as it is affected by temperature and driving style. Parking in a garage on hot days will drastically increase the battery life to as long as 8 years, while desert climates will shorten it when parked outside. SUVs and tinted windows will also increase the battery’s lifespan.

Extreme Conditions

We tested Impulse’s battery in thermal chambers and one of the hottest deserts in the world, Death Valley, California, USA. The battery proved it works exceptionally in truly any climate.


Through the use of our specialized battery, Impulse is able to deliver an easy, wire-free installation and unparalleled performance on the road.

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