Legal Everywhere

Adhering to safety and legal standards, Impulse has multiple operating modes built-in, so it’s legal throughout the U.S. and worldwide.

Adjustable Brightness

Window tint varies. For normally tinted windows, the LOW setting will deliver maximum legal brightness in the United States and worldwide. The HIGH setting is ideal for darker windows, down to 35% VLT, delivering maximum legal brightness even for windows that provide increased privacy and reduced sunlight. Windows below 35% VLT are usually custom, as this is not a legal window tint in jurisdictions throughout the U.S.

Adjustable Response Mode

Impulse has two response modes built-in: STEADY and PULSE. The default mode is STEADY, which is ultra-bright, responsive, and located in the most visible location on your car. In this mode, when you brake forcefully, the LEDs activate with ultra-bright illumination. This brightness is about four times as bright as traditional brake lights and in a more visible location, causing drivers to react far more quickly than they would to traditional, dull brake lights. PULSE mode is similar to STEADY mode, but in PULSE mode the LEDs also pulsate upon activation. By adding this additional pulsating effect, the LEDs achieve maximum impact.

Manufacturers and dealerships across the U.S. use either pulsing or steady functionalities on their enhanced brake lights, which are usually priced at $500 after installation. With both modes built-in and controllable at the flip of a switch, Impulse ensures that it both will keep you safe and is legal everywhere.


There are over 250 million cars in the U.S. Our goal has been to build a versatile safety product that works for every driver and you “should never leave home without.”

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