The Core Team

Throughout the process, Impulse has had the help and support of countless people and groups. The core team was there every step of the way.

Letter from the Inventor

I’m an engineer who loves to drive. With friends who have been in life-changing rear-end collisions, and having been rear-ended myself, I’ve wanted a safer solution for a long time.

After joining an international team of Stanford engineers, product designers, and manufacturing specialists, we crafted Impulse — a beautiful product we are truly proud of.

There were years of extensive development and refinement, but we always held to one simple goal: make cars safer. We think you’ll love the result.

Roland Hence
Inventor of Impulse and Member of an Incredible Team

Roland H


Rory K


Renald C


Jack B


A Closer Look

We believe that attention-to-detail is what turns a good product into a great product. As a result, we spared no effort in crafting Impulse to make it the detail-oriented product that it is today.

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