Follow these 3 steps for an easy uninstallation:

Note: FrontLane, Inc., the maker of Braking Bar, is not responsible for damage caused by improper installation. Failure to perform the following steps may result in injury and damage to the vehicle’s window, aftermarket window tinting, or the Braking Bar unit itself.

Step 1

Hold Braking Bar with both hands. In a controlled motion, slowly twist Braking Bar up and off the window.

Step 2

As you apply steady pressure, the adhesive will weaken within seconds.

Step 3

If you have aftermarket window tint, exercise caution as the tint may also be held on by an adhesive. So proceed slowly and do not pull hard.

3. Slowly roll the adhesive pads off the window.

All done! If you have trouble completing these steps, or further questions, contact us at [email protected].