“A stick-on brake light that could save your life!”

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Impulse definitely adds on the feeling of security, especially driving around with a little baby in the city in the hectic morning commute. Super easy to install and sleek design, and no wires! Really worth the money!

Su L.
Impulse Owner


It seems like drivers these days are focusing on everything BUT the road ahead of them. With Impulse, I feel much safer… and it was so easy to put on!

Dan C.
Daily Commuter


With everyone texting and using their phones while driving, I want to make sure everyone can see me. Impulse is an easy solution to a big problem.

Roland C.
Livery Driver

Perfect for the Family Car


Great Question! Impulse is an Emergency Brake Light. Unlike your normal brake lights which activate dimly all the time, Impulse is extremely bright and attention-getting, but it only activates when you brake quickly. This means that it gets attention specifically when you're most likely to be rear-ended. Also, since it only activates on hard braking, it saves itself for maximum impact, when you need it most.
No, and it lasts 4 years for the average driver.
No. Since Impulse is in one of the hottest places on your car and lasts for an extremely long time, it uses a highly specialized battery that is not able to be replaced.
Impulse works on almost all passenger vehicles. However, custom window tints that are very dark (below 35% VLT) will have a noticeable effect on output brightness. The vehicle must have a rear window that stays still or opens on a hinge (most SUVs); it does not work on convertibles nor vehicles with rear windows that slide down (rare), as Impulse will have nowhere to go when the rear window is lowered!
No, it must be mounted to the inside of your vehicle.
We ship throughout the United States.
All units ship with our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee: simply return Impulse within 30 days of delivery for a full refund - just pay shipping!

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