Activates on Hard Braking

Since it only activates when you’re likely to be rear-ended, it’s never annoying and has maximum impact when you need it.

Extremely Attention-Getting

Impulse is 3 times as bright as your normal brake lights and pulses quickly. It’s impossible to miss.

Distracted Drivers React

Because Impulse is so bright, it even gets the attention of a driver who’s looking down at their phone.

4-Year Battery Life

Impulse never needs charging, yet it reacts faster than the blink of an eye. Literally.

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Widely Compatible

If your car has a fixed or hinged back window, then it’s perfect for Impulse.

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Legal Everywhere

Impulse has multiple operating modes built-in, adjustable at the flip of a switch, so it’s legal wherever you drive it.

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60-second installation

No wires, tools, or charging

Strong, non-damaging adhesive

Built-in motion sensor

Activates when braking forcefully

Ultra-bright, pulsating LEDs



Temperature resistant

4-year battery life

Ultra-low power

Vibration resistant

Robust build


Contrasting colors

Premium components

Fully recyclable packaging

Complements any vehicle

Subtle aesthetic

Flexible body

Works in All Climates

Tested in the hottest deserts, thermal chambers, and the coldest winters

Anti-Glare Technology

The light output always stays focused on the driver behind you to maximize effectiveness and eliminate distraction.


The sleek design fits almost all makes and models and automatically self‑calibrates instantly upon installation.

For Everyone

From commuters to livery drivers and families, Impulse is engineered to protect everyone on the road.

A Closer Look

We believe that attention-to-detail is what turns a good product into a great product. As a result, we spared no effort in working to make Impulse the detail-oriented product it is today.

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Warning: There is no substitute for safe driving. Impulse is a supplemental brake light and not a replacement for required brake lights. There is no safety product that can prevent every rear-end collision. Referenced facts refer to findings from professional studies on Impulse’s underlying technology. See the footnotes for the complete studies.